One Year Warranty

    •  One year warranty protects against manufacturer defects / 10 Year Mercury Transformer

    • 7 day refund. It is expensive and time consuming to test, pack, process and ship orders, please be sure you want what you order. Email me within 7 days of delivery date if you are dissatisfied. I will provide return instructions. Shipping is not refunded.

    • Warranty is transferable as long as hologram seals are in tact.

    • Opening bottom cover to break numbered hologram security tape or tampering with units in any way Voids Warranty and / or Refund!

    • WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER: Tubes, damage or abuse.

    • Warranty does cover LED lights, footswitch, capacitors, resistors, pots, jacks, transistors and my labor.

    • Footswitch replacement after warranty $30.+Shipping

    • We don't usually cover physical damage, but depending on what is broken, I can probably fix for a minimal fee, send me an email.

    • I reserve the right to alter terms of this warranty at any time


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