List of Standard Premium Components

3" Mercury Magnetics® Custom Fatstack™ 100W Output Transformer
Mercury Magnetics® Custom 475V Power Transformer
Mercury Magnetics® Custom Choke
Mercury Transformers Carry a 10 Year Warranty
The Worlds Best Gold Plated Machined PTFE Audio Tube Sockets
4X Premium Matched Tung-Sol® EL34B Power Tubes
4X Premium Matched Tung-Sol® Gold Pin 12AX7 Preamp Tubes
External Bias Probe Jacks and Adjustment Knob
Tubes are tested, selected and burned in for low noise & micro-phonics
Premium RF Shielded Watertight Military Grade Brass Fuse Holders
Vishay/Dale Ultra Fast Oversized Recovery Rectifiers
All Components are Rated for High Heat and Voltage Resistance
Hand Wound Premium Vintage Mustard
SoZo® Capacitors
Premium German Mundorf® Filter Capacitors
Glass Coated Oversized Military Specification Wire Wound Resistors
PEC® Military Grade Sealed Potentiometers
18 Gauge 600V Cloth Covered Solid Core Wire
Super Heavy Duty "14 Gauge!" 6'7" Shielded Removable Power Cord
Hand Machined Aluminum Chassis to Eliminate Hum
Thick Aluminum Bottom Plate to Reduce Outside Frequencies
All Stainless Steel Nuts, Bolts and Screws
Stove Top Skirted Knobs
Switchcraft Jacks
Carling® Heavy Duty Long Bat Switches
Ohm Selector (4Ω/8Ω/16Ω)
Voltage Selector (120v/220v/240v) "100v is available upon request"
Many other colors and textures for the cabinets

Click here for Iron Head 100 audio demo 1 by Scott Marano*

Click here for Iron Head 100 audio demo 2 by Scott Marano*

This pure tube, 100 watt amp is designed for crystal clear, extremely brutal, overdriven high gain, with smooth bluesy vintage tone just a touch of the knob away. I personally cut the mid frequency and turn up the presence for an unforgiving, sharp, cutting METAL tone. Hundreds of trials were made with various combinations of component brands and values until one day I just nailed it. This amp combines rich tone with high gain, clarity and cutting power that leaves our competitors in the dust. Masterbuilt Amps are hand wired and meticulously crafted to be simple, dynamic, inspiring, powerful and extremely tough! Just plug in and play without boosters and noise gates.


Suggested Retail: $4495.

Sale Price $3495.

IRON HEAD 412 Speaker Cabinets

w/ Four EVM 300W Black Label Speakers ® +$1995.

w/ Four Celestion 60W V30 Speakers ® +$1495.

HYBRID (recommended): Two V30 / 2 Black Label +$1745.

These cabinets are custom designed to handle 1200 watts!

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1 Year Warranty

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IRON HEAD Class A 10 Watt

"That's a cool little iron monster you've got there, dude!  Lots of vibe."
-Scott Marano

Click here for more details or to order the new IRON HEAD 10



*Scott Marano composes our demos and teaches guitar at www.GuitarStrength.com


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