ebay Stone Groove Feedback

-Stone Groove Pedal - Adds some serious crunch. Perfect for Blues, Jazz, UK Rock A+

-Excellent build quality and service - Thanks!! A+++

-Phuckin love the pedal! Thanks!

-Sounds awesome! I love it worth every penny!

-Wow!! thank you so much. Only had the pedal for an hour now. Fav one I've had

-Real nice unit taken to the next level A++++++++++++++++

Click here for Stone Groove audio demo


       So COOL... it's etched in STONE!

       This is our best selling pedal

       The ultimate tone for distortion / overdrive pedals

       Nothing compares to the warmth of our selected tubes

       More highs with heavier, tighter, clearer high gain

       Meticulous construction and superior quality

       Highest Grade Nichicon Muse Audio Capacitors

       Glass Coated Military Spec Wirewound Resistors

       N-Channel NOS MOSFET Transistors from MOTOROLA

       Carling switches and Switchcraft jacks

       Military specification sealed carbon potentiometers

True bypass footswitch and point to point wiring

 Hammond Diecast Aluminum Chassis

       Stainless steel knob guard and 1/4" rubber feet

       Simple design and high quality produces no unwanted noise

       Completely designed, machined and hand wired in the USA

       Bright blue and red LED indicators

       Premium heavy duty gold plated socket

Copper tube shield and jumbo stove top knobs

       ECC83S / 12AX7 Low Noise & Microphonics Tested

       Our tubes are designed just like NOS Telefunkens

18V 1A Power adapter included

       Compatible with Voodoo and Dunlop power

One Year Warranty

I am so positive you wil love this pedal, I will pay the return shipping if you don't feel the groove.You have 7 days to try it. Pedal must be returned in like new condition. This offer only valid on this website.
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